Our People

Board of Directors

Terry W. Anker
Luis H. Ball
Nathan J. Feltman
Chairman of the Board
Mary A. O’Grady
Emilio J. Pacheco
Ben A. Rast
T. Alan Russell
Dane Starbuck


Douglas J. Den Uyl
Vice President of Educational Programs
Nathan J. Feltman
Chairman of the Board
Stephanie L. Kaufman
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO / Office Manager
Emilio J. Pacheco
Senior Vice President and Pierre F. Goodrich Resident Scholar
Sandra J. Schaller
Vice President and Controller, Secretary-Treasurer
Sean Shelby
President and CEO

Senior Staff and Fellows

James F. Cote
Director of Information Systems
Steven D. Ealy
Senior Fellow
Hans L. Eicholz
Senior Fellow
Laura L. Goetz
Publishing Director
John G. Grove
Associate Editor of Law & Liberty
G. Patrick Lynch
Senior Fellow
Nicolas Maloberti
Senior Fellow
Peter C. Mentzel
Senior Fellow
Patricia Ordower
Managing Editor
Richard M. Reinsch
Senior Fellow / Director of Law & Liberty
Sarah E. Skwire
Director of Communications and Senior Fellow
Brian A. Smith
Managing Editor of Law & Liberty
Amy M. Willis
Senior Fellow / Director, Library of Economics & Liberty, Online Library of Liberty and AdamSmithWorks
Mark E. Yellin
Senior Fellow
Leonidas Zelmanovitz
Senior Fellow